best prices for 60mg. orlistat As a native Philadelphian, Ryan attended La Salle College High School, and then ventured north where he obtained his BS in Finance from Providence College (Go Friars!).  Upon graduation, Ryan returned home, moved downtown, and developed a passion for Center City and its fast paced lifestyle.  As he spent his free time exploring the city and developing an extensive amount of knowledge of Philadelphia, its neighborhoods, restaurants/bars, parks, shops, etc.; he began his career with the largest foreclosure firm in the state of PA.  Ryan quickly rose from the ranks, and after a year with the firm he was overseeing the pre-foreclosure department.  During his tenure, Ryan became proficient in foreclosures and their legal processes from delinquency through the sheriff sale.  He became a point person for the firm and began traveling the country with the managing partners, visiting varying mortgage servicers, and assisting with the transformation of their protocols.  His time in the legal industry also afforded him an abundance of experience with title, short sales, and foreclosure resolution.

Ryan took this experience and transitioned it into a career in real estate.  He has lived in Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, and currently resides in Northern Liberties.  Ryan is completely aware that his clients are his lifeline, and therefore prides himself on communication, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.  Ensuring their success is what ensures his.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the average age of a real estate agent is 57 years old.  As a result, Ryan has adopted the new school approach, a fresh outlook, and understands the importance of technology and the marketing advantages it provides.  Purchasing and selling homes is often the most momentous transaction of a person’s life, and therefore, Ryan works tirelessly to protect his clients and assure their success.

Ryan has also obtained his Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation and his Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR) certification. DUAL AGENCY:

Dual Agency is both a common and legal practice in the state of PA, but not something you will find Ryan practicing.

For those of you who are unaware, dual agency simply means that the same real estate agent is representing both the buyer AND the seller in the SAME transaction, and for that real estate agent, it means a double commission.  A reasonable comparison is to imagine going to court and seeing the same attorney represent both the Plaintiff and the Defendant; it’s a conflict of interest.  Ryan believes in the importance of each party having separate representation.  However, this doesn’t mean if Ryan has your listing he won’t actively pursue buyers for the property, but rather once he finds that buyer, he will advise they seek representation elsewhere.  Ryan won’t jeopardize his clients’ well-being for extra money in his pocket.  Feel free to reach out for further information regarding dual agency.