220 West Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Located right on Washington Square, 220 West Washington Square Condos is a 7-unit, 7-story condo building.  With each condo occupying an entire floor, all units have exposure to Washington Square.  The condos vary in size (3,000+ sq ft to 4,000+ sq ft), and most come with parking.  When the building was developed, the original purchasers were given a lot of freedom in designing their condo, so contrary to many other condo conversions, the units really differ in style/finishes.  Due to the building’s location on Washington Square, it certainly possesses a highly desirable address, and the condos are equipped with stunning views.  The penthouse in the building is pretty spectacular with 7,000 sq ft and a private, 1,500 square foot rooftop patio.  These condos are highly sought after, which the price tags reflect.

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