repeatedly Real estate boundaries – 18th St. to the east, 25th St. to the west, Washington Ave. to the north, and Mifflin St. to the south.


Point Breeze is a transitioning neighborhood lying just south of Graduate Hospital/Southwest Center City.  It’s similar to Graduate Hospital in many ways, but it’s probably 5-10 years behind in terms of progress.  If you take a home in Graduate Hospital and drop it in Point Breeze, it currently sells for a fraction of the price.  In 2008-2009, Point Breeze was chosen, due to its high levels of vacancy and foreclosure yet adjacency to strong residential markets, to receive federal funding.  The funding was used to build affordable housing scattered strategically throughout the neighborhood for low to moderate income buyers.  However, the homes were completed in a similar fashion to market rate homes that attract middle-upper income buyers.  In my opinion, development will continue forward, and the completion of the connector bridges over the Schuylkill River will increase access to University City, UPenn, and Penn’s medical complex increasing the convenience/desirability of Point Breeze.


Some of My Favorite Neighborhood Spots:


American Sardine Bar

K & A Sandwiches & Grocery

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