Real estate boundaries – Front St. to the east, 6th St. to the west, Lombard St. to the north, and Washington Ave. to the south.

Queen Village is bounded by Pennsport to the south, Bella Vista to the west, and Society Hill to the north.  Originally populated by Swedish settlers, the name was changed in 1970 to Queen Village in recognition of Queen Christina, Sweden’s queen at the time of the initial settlement.  Queen Village is the home to Fabric Row (located on S. 4th St. between South and Catherine) which consists of many shops (some 3rd generation businesses) offering an unmatched material resource, along with, an eclectic mix of non-textile products.  Much of the neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic places and really has a colonial feel.  The neighborhood is booming with cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops, and really gives off that neighborhood vibe.  While some may consider Headhouse Square its own tiny, little neighborhood, it’s really a piece of Queen Village.  Headhouse always has lots of fun events and is particularly well known for its farmers market.  The area is also served by one of the best neighborhood associations in Philadelphia – Queen Village Neighborhood Association.

Some of My Favorite Neighborhood Spots:



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